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Please take our survey to improve the economy


Fieldwork is now underway for the Chamber’s Quarterly Economic Survey. We ask that you spare a few minutes to tell us about your current business conditions and help the Chamber’s lobbying activity. Please click here to complete the survey. The Chamber is regularly asked for data by MPs, Civil Servants and the Bank of England and by completing the QES

Written on 22nd February 2016Kalpna Mistry. Published in Exporting, News, News2, Policy & lobbying

Spending Review: Chamber Reaction


A summary of the highlights of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement can be found here.  Reaction from the Chamber President are below. An alternative document breaks the announcements down into categories here. Leeds President Gerald Jennings said: “I’m sure the local authority is looking forward to retaining all business rates collected – we’ll be working closely with them on this, as

Written on 26th November 2015Kalpna Mistry. Published in Chamber News, News, News1, Policy & lobbying

Consultation Leeds Property Forum – CIL minor amendments


The Council has made minor changes to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulation 123 list in accordance with the CIL Regulations at its Executive Board on 21st October 2015. These are minor changes and are proposed in order to increase clarity only. These amendments are set out in the link below here. If you have any queries or need any

Written on 19th November 2015Kalpna Mistry. Published in News, Policy & lobbying

Three projects agreed by Leadership Group


Leeds Chamber’s Leadership Group is the representative body that directs policy activity on behalf of the wider membership. At the group’s meeting in October, three new priority projects were agreed upon and will be developed as part of the 2015/16 policy agenda for Leeds. The projects include the production of a report on skills, including how companies do or don’t plan

Written on 4th November 2015Kalpna Mistry. Published in Chamber News, News, Policy & lobbying, Skills

Property Forum Refresh

Leeds Property Forum, the Chamber’s policy group for built environment related activities is seeking to refresh its steering group. The group, which was formed in 2003, aims to contribute positively and effectively to the growth and development of the Leeds Metropolitan District and working closely with Leeds City Council and other public bodies provides a private sector input into such

Written on 29th September 2015Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in News, Policy & lobbying

Leeds High Speed Rail Station – Chamber view


Speaking in Leeds, in March 2015 David Cameron announced that Sir David Higgins, Executive Chairman at HS2 Ltd, would be tasked with relooking at the options for HS2 coming into Leeds city centre. The original thinking sets out plans for a new station terminating at New Lane, opposite Asda House in Leeds South Bank, approximately a quarter of a mile

Written on 27th July 2015Kalpna Mistry. Published in Construction, News3, Policy & lobbying, Transport

Quarterly Economic Survey – results, Q1 2015

Businesses across our region reported a strong start to 2015 as sales and exports rose in the first quarter. Employment remains at record levels across our region, although nearly half of companies reported difficulties recruiting people with the right skills. Business confidence continues to be strong and in parts of our region it remains at its highest point in a

Written on 3rd July 2015Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Policy & lobbying

Chamber comments on expansion at Heathrow


After three years of deliberation, we now have clarity on the future direction of airport capacity in the south east.  Commenting on the Davies Commission announcement, Leeds Chamber president, Gerald Jennings said: “It is now clear there can only be one solution that is right for Yorkshire, and right for Britain. Only a third runway at Heathrow will deliver for

Written on 1st July 2015Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in News3, Policy & lobbying, Transport