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Chamber President, Gerald Jennings has chosen The Leeds Fund run by Leeds Community Foundation as the Leeds Chamber charity.

Leeds Community Foundation puts community at the heart of everything they do. Experts in local need, they secure and distribute funds to community groups, charities and voluntary organisations that can reach parts of the community that other sectors just can’t, tackling really difficult issues and acting as catalyst for positive change. Last year they distributed £4.1m in grants supporting 400 community groups, but the need continues to grow; as the Foundation continues to receive nearly twice as many applications as they can afford to fund.

With over 15,000 people over 60 classed as intensely lonely and 23% of our under 16 year olds living in poverty in Leeds, there is still much that we need to do to help local communities.

The Leeds Fund encapsulates the Foundation’s values and vision of creating a city of opportunity for all and distributes small and large grants to reach communities all across Leeds.

Each year, The Leeds Fund will have a strategic focus, and in 2016-2017 it is mental health, an issue which affects one in four people across the UK and costs employers £26bn per year.

I hope you will join Leeds Chamber in supporting The Leeds Fund and help create positive change in the communities of Leeds that need it most.

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Phone: 0113 242 2426

or watch the video here.

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The Chamber charity will be chosen by the current President’s from each region.


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