tony clough first aid

First aid success story

Following a 30 year career in the West Yorkshire Fire Service, Tony Clough retired and started TONY CLOUGH FIRST AID TRAINING Ltd. Tony had been an operational fireman and brigade trauma casualty care instructor; using his life experiences, trauma care skills and teaching qualifications,
Tony created his company.

In 8 years Tony built a successful first aid training business, delivering HSE compliant courses. Tony has taught over 2000 people since the opening of his business and many people have contacted Tony to tell him that they have utilised they skills they were taught and saved lives.

Tony said it makes him proud to know that he has helped to save lives, by being able to pass on knowledge of first aid know-how. Tony’s students are caught a system to put into practice whenever they’re faced with first aid issues and this gives students confidence to step forward and make a difference. The training is given to the students in a way that helps them retain skills, like the firemen Tony taught for 20 years the students, are taught to be first aiders, not just about first aid topics. Tony believes having practiced what he teaches has helped him and Tony passes on real life experiences to back up first aid subjects which gives a balance to scenario based learning.

Being a fire man for 30 years didn’t equip Tony with skills to be a business man, however thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce and being able to speak with other like-minded persons it has helped with Tony’s business development and progression.

Written on 3rd February 2017Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Members news, News