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Leeds business district dropping a stitch for African charity

Employees from across Wellington Place have been coming together once a week with a common purpose; to knit away the Monday blues and create much-needed baby clothes for disadvantaged children in Africa.

MEPC, operator of Wellington Place, originally set up the ‘Knit and Natter’ club as part of a wider project to help foster a community spirit within the city’s business district.  Dominique Simcox, Marketing Manager at MEPC, said: “We set up the knitting club with the help of Shulmans and several other firms as a way of having a bit of fun on a Monday. However, when our football pitch manager, Glen Mason, said that he was involved in the Funzi and Bodo Trust, an organisation committed to improving the lives of people in Kenya, and was in fact flying there to administer support work, we knew that we could put our knitting-needles to good use and offer up a very unique care package – a haul of hats, booties and blankets.”

Bev Dalton, Shulmans employee and one of the founding member of the club, added: “I really enjoy meeting up with the Knit and Natter club as it’s a great way of meeting other workers within Wellington Place. Being able to help children in another continent is so rewarding and of course, it’s good to know that our knitted garments will benefit more than just our own loved ones!”

Glen Mason, representative for the Funzi and Bodo Trust, said: “The items that I take with me go a long way in helping the children of Funzi. The charity is relatively small and was only set up ten years ago by a couple from Morley. To receive such support from MEPC, Shulmans and the wider Wellington Place community has been truly inspiring and we hope to continue our working relationship for years to come.”

Although Glen is now on his way to Funzi to deliver the knitted goods, you can still show your support by visiting the Just Giving page

[Front] Glen Mason (Charity Representative), (Far right) Dominique Simcox (MEPC) and the ladies of the Knit and Natter club.

Written on 4th August 2016Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Members news, News