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The aim of this forum is to contribute positively and effectively to the future growth and development of the Leeds Metropolitan District. Its key objectives are to identify the needs of the City of Leeds to make it a regional capital and a leading European City. The Forum works closely with the City Council to provide a sector input to achieving this vision for Leeds. It also provides a sounding board for public sector infrastructure proposals and other major schemes brought forward in the City.


1. How to make Leeds a more sustainable city based a round a medium term vision for the development of the city.

2. A view on strategic investment needs and ways of financing necessary or important infrastructure.

3. Creating attractive places and spaces across the city.

4. How to meet the housing needs of the city particularly for family housing.

5. Addressing vacant properties and sites, and making the case for a programme of retrofitting buildings.

6. Creating the right conditions for business and enterprise to flourish and create new industries, and spreading the benefits of success in the future.

7. Delivering a range of Art, culture and tourist attractions that make the city a destination of choice for both business and leisure tourism.

8. What is needed to improve the resilience of the city to major risks – climate change, economic change, energy and water supply, health pandemics, crime and terrorism?

9. Delivering an integrated transport system including high speed and / improved rail links, road links that unlock development opportunities, enhancing the role of Leeds Bradford International Airport, and reducing emissions from vehicles.

10. Supporting the City Region Forerunner status.

Our members give their time free of charge and on the clear understanding that personal interest will be declared and set aside. It is this independence from personal interest that gives credibility and authority to the Forum. This makes it an incredibly powerful resource to be used for the benefit of the City.

The Forum now has over 1000 members comprising senior figures from all sectors of the property community and holds regular full group meetings to which all members are invited. The next property forum date will be listed in the events section.  To book, please contact our Events Team on 0113 247 0000 or via email.

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