AE Guide

What impact will auto-enrolment have on your business

Do you know what impact auto-enrolment will have on your business? Are you aware of the key decisions you need to make to enable your business meet its auto-enrolment duties? The ultimate auto-enrolment guide addresses all of the key concerns and issues you face as an employer.

We began dealing with auto-enrolment (AE) in 2011, in preparation for large employers who needed to comply with the new laws.

Since then, we have dealt with employers with thousands of employees, right down to employers with just a handful. This experience has helped us to understand the challenges faced by employers of all sizes preparing to meet their AE duties. This guide is intended to help you with some of the initial planning and preparation ahead of your staging date. It provides you with clear, pragmatic guidance on the key areas where you need to make decisions and signposts where you can obtain more information.

The rules around AE are complex and so this guide is here to help employers who have not yet been through the AE process. We’ve developed a five step process that covers each of the important steps required for the implementation of a qualifying workplace pension scheme.

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Written on 1st August 2017Lillie Geistdorfer. Published in Members news, News